Katie Owens

Lead Vocalist

Katie Owens

lead vocalist

Katie describes herself as a “Electrical Engineer, Rock Singer, Choral Singer, Bookworm, Nerd”.

John first met Katie when she was singing with the internationally acclaimed Bel Canto children’s chorus with his daughter. (check out the cd reviews on Amazon)

She performs regularly with the SuperBytes, an “8 bit rock band”.  They perform rock music which includes sounds from old time 8 bit computer games.  Very unique and very cool.  (Check them out on iTunes!)

She is still actively involved in working with and promoting singing for the nonprofit group Sing Omaha.

Thanks to her degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and her serious skills, she is an Electrical Project Engineer at Morrissey Engineering.

OH! No!

Katie moved out of the area.

She will be hard to replace, but we are looking.